2012 F100 Ranger for US

By Mike S.

As a long time Ford customer, I would like to express my opinion that Ford should reconsider marketing in the US the newly redesigned 2012 Ford Ranger as an F100 Ranger model. Keep the same engine line up as the world version. I've been hoping for years that Ford would market a midsized pickup with some cool styling, and consequently never even looked at the old Ranger. I've been torn between getting an F150 and a Dakota for years, and have held off by settling for a 2010 Explorer, but had this new Ranger been available I'd probably be in line to have purchased one. The designers hit a home run on styling, and with the diesel options, and manual transmission available, I'd be at your dealer the day one showed up. So please reconsider selling it here, or change the current F150 to be the current global Ranger. Your marketing department is surveying the wrong people in my opinion. And an affordable Deisel should be an option in more of your vehicles.
Chris H 03/26/2014
Would buy the UK Ford Ranger as my next purchase. 
Ron N 10/20/2013
I endorse the idea of Ford producing the Ranger. I was disappointed when it was discontinued. However, a new vertsion should get better mileage with the V-6.
Will A 05/22/2013
I would be at the Ford dealer the day the Ford Ranger Global comes to the US. Unfortunatly, I've been waiting quite a long time to replace my truck and if it's not in the next year or two I'll have to look elsewhere.
Brett 04/19/2013
If you were to bring the UK Ford Ranger to the states I'd go out and buy it tomorrow!
Kevin S 03/21/2013
I have simple needs 30 mpg, No clutch, must fit a 4X8 sheet of sheet rock between the wheel wells. Keep it simple. More means more things that need to be repaired. If I want fancy I would buy a car. Also needless to say if I wanted a back seat I would buy a car. $30K is crazy for a weekend chore vehicle that I sometimes drive to work.
Joshua C 03/20/2013
I would LOVE to have a Ford RANGER back in the US, especially the new model! I run a small security company in South Dakota and we are always balancing fuel economy VS 4WD/AWD and reversibility to get our patrol job done, the RANGER would be a perfect fit, if it was here... but its not so I guess I will just keep using cheap KIA SUV's :(
Bill Gummo 02/12/2013
Should remake the RANGER and redesign the interior with better seating (power seats, leather etc and add a little size to the body similar to the Chevy/GMC mid-size trucks. Possibly more options for the engine (4cylinder-turbo, 6 cylinder, and if desired a desiel engine). I believe there were many that were saddened with the exclusion of the Ranger line.
Bill E 02/03/2013
Ford has the F100 Diesel in all markets but here in the US. Seems like Ford would realize that we need a small tough truck here just as much as in Australia. Henry Ford had a dream and realized it... He designed, developed and built a BLUE collar vehicle for US. NOW more than ever we need that here in America, and Ford chooses to take away the Ranger, and forget about us with the F100... Very disappointed 25 year customer.. Guess I will be looking at Chevys and Dodges...... Hate it , but they obviously dont care.
Benjamin B 01/17/2013
Ford is losing business to that damn Toyota Hilux/Tacoma pickup. That is the truck Ford of Australia designed the new T6 Ranger to compete with and even beat (from what I see I say they did).
Brian H 12/28/2012
Add a small 2.0L and 3.0L diesel in the mix, I'll go for it
john 12/15/2012
I have a F-150 forced to buy it because no Ranger ( had one for 10 years ) F150 to big for my needs . Going to Nissan or Toyota shame on you Ford.
Jason B 12/07/2012
Father in law lives in LA - would never consider a truck as big as a f150, but wants to seat 5 (usually just himself). If Ford built a F100/Ranger like the Tacoma he probably would have bought it - instead he got the Toyota this year.
Sam 11/14/2012
I have no need for a full size pickup, nor would I want to drive one around. Having a fuel efficient (diesel) Ranger in the US would be great. I guess Ford doesn't want my business. Toyota Tacoma here I come!
Anita 09/22/2012
Totally agree, we have two rangers in our driveway. With gas prices so high I am not in a market for a full size truck or do I need one for a family of two. This decision from Ford to stop manufacturing is highly upsetting. Bring this truck back to the US market!!!
Mike Burrows 09/18/2012
Mike Burrows I've owned a 99 Ranger 4x4 extended cab with 4.0 for the past 11 years. It does everything from haul my sea-doo to the lake, my ski-doo to Michigan, my deer to the check station and everything in between. I only drive 3.5 miles to work, so the 18 miles to the gallon doesn't bother me much, but a diesel would be really cool. I take turns driving it and my 05 Grand Cherokee, the wife drives the Taurus, but would love a new ranger too. One of these days my old Ranger is going to be done. When it is I sure hope Ford has come to their senses and brought the Ranger back. Why should the Germans and Australians get what we can't have?
Nathan R 09/05/2012
The only thing I'd change about the global Ranger is upgrade the off road suspension and put disk breaks all around
Angel 08/16/2012
I'm so disgusted with GM for putting stupid decisions on the backs of the tax payers. i have been waiting for 10 yrs for a remade ford ranger, i currently have a 2000 nissan frontier and need desperately to replace it. I have no use for a full size truck and want to support ford with all my heart. I am heartbroken with ford's decision to bypass it's birthplace. Who is making this decision????? Completely ignorant of americas needs. Srry ford, i applaud how it has turned the company around but I guess a tacoma or frontier is in my near future. SHAME ON U FORD!!!
Daniel B 08/08/2012
Yes, I agree with all the comments here. The new Ford Ranger looks awesome-Ford needs to bring it to the US and build and sell them here. Without a current Ford Ranger or F-100 series truck, Ford is currently not able to compete in the compact truck market in this country. I believe with rising gas prices , environmental concerns, and people being on a tighter budget, this new Ford Ranger would sell very well in the US. As a current (very satisfied) owner of a 2002 Ford F-150, I would definitely consider purchasing this new Ford Ranger for my next vehicle, also would make a great vehicle for my kids when they get old enough to drive. Build and sell this vehicle in the US and people will buy it!
kevin patterson 07/28/2012
I consider myself a Ford man but i have had to buy 2 new nissan frontier's in the last 5 year's but if ford would offer a midsize ranger i would be the first at the dealer to buy one.
david p 06/20/2012
yes,yes,yes dont get rid of the ranger make a quad cab ranger bring it here. dont need f150. may be bring back sport trac. my have to buy a chevy.
Conrad Beattie 04/18/2012
I've owned a Ranger (3.0 liter V6) since 1997. I have 192K on it and it has been a great little truck. I will probably buy a new truck next year and would love something slightly bigger but not an F-150 - too big for my needs. An F-100 or an upsized Ranger with a gas efficient engine would be perfect for me. If Ford doesn't come through with a decent product I'll probably buy a Toyota Tacoma.
Rich 04/03/2012
I had a Ranger, awesome truck. I do not see the need for size and hate to think I have to go up to an F150 as going down means a Japanese Truck...yuck
Joseph R 03/16/2012
I agree, we need a Ford Courier type fwd compact truck as well as the New Ranger (probably marketed as F100). I'd buy the New Ranger/F100 myself now that I have my wife and son, but I would have bought something like the Courier before married. Bring us the small trucks we need, come on Ford!
Adrien A 03/15/2012
The pictures of the global ranger are cool. I happen to live in Michigan, and saw one heading west bound on I-94. There was no mistaking this truck, even if the badges were taken off. This is a no-brainer. Bring the truck to the US and phase out the old Ranger, along with the overseas engine packages. I would DEFINITELY buy a vehicle that could run on E100, and diesel powered version of this truck would be an absolute tank.
james joiner 02/20/2012
The new Ranger would be great. I don't need a heavy duty work truck that can haul and tow massive amounts. I want something more practical that can haul coolers to games, gear and tents for camping, etc... Call it the F100 or the Global Ranger, Wildtrak I dont care but dont make me change brands. Plus the New Ranger tested off the charts in the realm of safety in Europe. Bring me this truck and ill buy it day one in black.
Henry Larsen 02/07/2012
I can lay a hammer and/or wrench anywhere in the box of my ranger, and reach it with both boots on the ground. I can't do that with an f-series. That and cost to own are the biggest reasons Ive had a handfull of rangers. It sucked when you quit offering the 4cyl 4x4 and it sucked that you quit building the ranger altogether. It sucks that you don't offer me a vehicle that will fit that hole. I will eventually have to change how I operate to accommodate different vehicles. So my one man business will go from semi,450 and ranger to semi 350 and prob an SX-4 suzuki. I think that you assume most ranger buyers are going to move up to and F-150 but the fact is the ranger was more of an errand truck not a "hard"work truck. A capable vehicle that could run me on a 120mile round trip to get a hydraulic hose, or that special random part that seams to hold up every project sooner or later. Im not going to make a decision to spend more money on running errands, im going to make errand running cheaper. Its kind of a different subject but my 7.3 powered 450 does about 8.8-10.3 mpg hauling my skid steer and tool boxes while my big ol freightliner does 7.8mpg and has extra power and trailer to spare. at 40-60k it may make more sense to buy another used big truck than to replace an f-series.
Scott Pike 02/01/2012
I think the mid-size truck market is very important. I own a 2003 Ford Sport Trac. I cannot believe Ford did not show one ad on the product that I ever saw. Now you only sale the ranger overseas. America is trucks come on and sale it here.
kenny tyler 01/24/2012
kenny tyler been a ford tru ck guy all my life 30 plus years ford needs a mid size truck had f-150 had the ranger 4x4 now i have a sport trac adrenalin love it but its getting some miles on it the f-100 was a good concept should go with that thanks ford guys
Mike 12/31/2011
Was looking into buying a ford ranger 4x4, just the right size and performance. Ran across a website listing the new 2012 ranger and thought to myself "I can wait for this truck to arrive". Read the entire article and just as I was about to finish noticed the comment "not available in north america". Im a ford guy, have owned a ford for the last 25 years. Now im thinking i'll have to look elsewhere for a midsize 4x4, Jeep perhaps.
Mark Page 12/16/2011
I think this is a great idea. Ford should be ashamed of themselves for holding back. I am in the market for a new vehicle soon and have been shopping around the smaller sized pick-ups. I have no interest in a full sized F-150, and for Ford to think that bringing the new Ranger to the US would ruin their F-150 sales is crazy. I guess its more important for them to keep the title of best selling pick-up instead of actually broadening their market. Not only that but bringing the Ranger to the US would also bring jobs back to the recently closed Ranger factory.
They really have nothing in the small pick up category. My only choice for a small vehicle that can tow is the Escape...and I have no interest in that.
George L 12/15/2011
Looking for a truck for my wife. If the new Ranger was available, I'd buy one. The F150 is just too big for our needs.
Greg 11/13/2011
I was so excited to hear that Ford had FINALLY redesigned the Ranger. Even more excited when I saw pictures of it and found out it could be equipped with a diesel engine. I don’t knock the F150, but it is a big truck; tough to park and more capacity than I need. On the other hand, the Ranger was strictly a two person truck which also didn’t work for me. Plus, the towing capacity was borderline for me as well. In my opinion, the Tacoma is a real winner in both style and performance over the old style Ranger. But the redesigned Ranger has much more appeal to me than the new Tacoma, Dakota, Colorado (also new for 2012) and Frontier. Ford has made the best SUV’s and trucks I have ever owed. It is only the product offering that has kept me away. But in this case, the product offering IS there; just not to US based customers.
Tim Colgate 08/13/2011
I still think putting a 56 f100 looking body on the existing chassis with a EB4 would sell huge. just about everyone loved the 56, and its instantly a ford even if seen a mile away. if they do import the thailand ranger, personally I hope it flops. they have opportunity here to build a model with loyalty like Mustang at little cost- and to the bean counters that worry 'it might take away f150 sales', please just go bury your head back in the sand...the f150 is huge, any sales a f100 would pull will just as likely be from imports
Rick 08/09/2011
I would trade in my '03 Sport Trac for this new Ranger were it available in the states. Sadly, I'll be looking at the Nissan Frontier or Suzuki Equator.
randy 07/06/2011
fords can be good but they are bad on gas
Greg 06/29/2011
I have for many years said the redesigned Ranger (the 1993 models I sold are basically unchanged today)needed to be upgraded as the F100 Ranger as the F150's have gotten to big for most people as they are as big as the 250's just a few years back. But I think the market still would demand a compact truck body. For that i would suggest bringing back the Courier based on the FWD escape chassis. It would have very limited towing/cargo, but great for the Urbanites weekly trips to the Home Depot or Pikes. Plus Ford could use these smaller models to boost their CAFE numbers. The Courier should get at least 31 mpg and the F100 25mpg.
Jeremy Gingerich 05/03/2011
I completely agree that Ford should bring the Global Ranger to North America. The return of $4 gas just emphasizes the significant need for an efficient, mid-size truck; one designed and built for reliable use as a utility vehicle, not an over-optioned status symbol, as many full-size trucks have seemed to become. The Global Ranger meets all the important criteria: built Ford tough; body-on-frame; torquey, efficient diesel engine; MANUAL transmission, true 4x4, crew-cab, high towing and hauling capacity for its size. The Global Ranger would be Tacoma and Frontier’s worst nightmare. The only drawback to the Ranger is the lack of a 6-6.5’ bed; 5’4” is just a little short.

I manage ranches in the western US, and the companies I work with would be quite interested in these trucks, at least 15-20 trucks. Sure, ranches occasionally need a ¾ or 1 ton for hauling, but mostly a light pickup is better than a ½-ton for ranch use. I would a Ranger as my personal daily driver, and it would save me having to have another car for highway efficiency. I want to replace my 2004 Dakota, and my options are the Tundra or Frontier, since I just can’t justify the F150.

Ford, I think you’ve got a great vehicle in the Global Ranger. Please do what it takes to get it into the US and Canada. If we need to get rid of the “Chicken Tax,” I am sure you can halp get that done.
Bob Schiesser 04/30/2011
I have not seen the world truck, but I could I have to second the idea that Ford needs the Ranger or it's replacement to be more of a mid size, like the dakota. In fact that's what I own only because ford does not offer a truck of that size. The Ranger is so far behind in size and style it is rediculous.

Give me a mis size.
James Defelice 04/29/2011
people should vote on that ranger to a f-100
Adam B 04/24/2011
I love my ranger fx4, 140000 miles of stump pulling, snowplowing, boat towing, and crazy offroad abuse. Ford would be out of there mind not to bring the world version ranger to the states. First off, take a drive through any city in america and try to keep count of how many rangers are on the road. Most off, there owners are hooked for life. Secondly consider how many of us have been waiting for Ford to come out with a new ranger that is truley a four door. For me at least, this is the only reason I would upgrade to an F-150. Most important is the diesel torque monster equiped with all the gadjets and gizmos to make the truck a true work horse ready for all the fun truck things we only dreamed possible out of a bigger F-series. Call the new ranger an F-series, it'll deffinetly live up to its standards. Hopefully Ford gets there act together, otherwise this might be goodbye to the nations long and respected relationship with its only real midsized truck line.
Robert Todd 04/23/2011
The only thing we as customers need is the Ranger that we have now, (pleasa not bigger), with Fords new engines and transmissions, Ford could easly be the only one with a 30+ MPG truck. If Ford did something like that, someone woiuld get a pat on the back from ol Henry. Lets dream of a sport package with a well tuned 3.5 with 6 speed manual and automatic transmissions with a 8.8 rear axle and good disk brakes. My mother always said wishing is free so wish all you want
Michael McCarthy 04/18/2011
Ford is concerned that by bringing the '12 Global Ranger to the US it will undercut F-150 sales. Those who already own Rangers or Sport Tracs do not agree because they specifically want a smaller truck. These buyers will be forced to find alternatives since both are being disscontinued in the US. What if Ford brought the '12 Global Ranger to the US as the F-100? Could sales figures then be combined? All the other manufacturers adjust thier sales figures this way...
Dennis Murphy 04/07/2011
I just figured out how Ford can do it and not screw up the F-150 sales -
Call it the Explorer SportTrac. It can be the very same vehicle as the worldwide Ranger, but with a name like that no one will buy it as a 'real' pickup truck.
Trevor Tyner 03/25/2011
Check out the new Ranger that is sold in just about every country but the US.

Dennis Murphy 03/18/2011
I really don't think Ford would base a North American Ranger off the 2011 Explorer - for one thing it has no frame rails.
For another thing, Ford already designed a 2012 Ranger, and they are selling it in the rest of the world.
If Ford does bring the Ranger here, it will be the world version - complete with ladder frame.
Shaun Rifield 03/11/2011
The next Ranger should be baised on the 2011 Explorer. It needs to have the heavy duity brakes, cooling, and shocks from the police package Explorer. It needs to have the 2.5I4 in the work trucks, The 2.0 Ecoboost in the majority of the models, and the 3.7 V6 in the 4x4 Fx4 trucks. Also a crew cab and sony sound needs to be available in it. Auto locking Diffs should be standard on all models