2 door models

I know 2 door models may not sell "numbers" but they certainly grab a lot of press and if done right will sell and draw numbers into the show room. Lincoln really could use a MKZ two door model aimed at the A series Cadi and the BMW 3 is. Or take the Focus and do it in a 2 door. But make it a higher end sporty car. Afterall Honda has always had 2 door Accords and Civics, and Kia, and the rest all have multible models. We have just the mustang and pickup in the two door currently. Yes, I am on my 4th Mustang since 1969...
Douglas A 09/12/2012
Yes! Take the Mustang chassis, stretch it a bit (like Lincoln did with a T-Bird to give us the Mark VIII) and give us a Luxo-sport-coupe we crave!