1963 - 1965 4-door Thunderbird

By Clay P.

Yes I would love to see the Ford Motor Company bring back the 1960's 4-door Thunderbird. There is a style change from 1958 - 1960 the Batman style but I love the 1963 - 1965 Landau style. Now that could be a muscle car and I can't believe it hasn't made a come back with all the interest on the Mustang. The 2-door 1950's version Thunderbird was great but not practical for most people but the 4-door I feel would be a much better seller by far and could go up againt the Mustang as well as the competitions rustic cars - Challenger & Charger. People love the classics so lets bring them back!
Clay P 08/05/2012
If Chrysler brought back the Challenger and the Charger why couldn't Ford bring back the Old style 4 door T-Bird? Can't Ford do that and keep the price from going through the roof like the Mustang? The Challenger has been a hit with alot of Police agencies and depending upon which size motor you want in the Challenger it's stays in a fair price range.
Samuel 05/11/2012
Wouldn't work. They would have to completely redesign the chassis to meet modern safety standards. It would end up being $50,000, it'd get 20 miles a gallon, and would drive like a boat while having no structural relation to the original T-Bird.

Face it, there's good reasons that the old cars aren't made any longer. They just wouldn't sell nowadays.
Mark M 04/06/2012
A great idea only if the design department keeps their hands off. They screwed the return on the Thunderbird withntheir rendition of what they thought a classis should look like. Although it was an attractive car along with messing up the classic styling, they priced it way out of the market.