10GB Hard drive for the modern day

The last time I physically bought a CD was over 15 years ago yet for some reason the only way I can add music to my hard drive in the truck is to go to the city (4 hours away) and re-buy music I already own on an antiquated technology (Compact Disc... wow... seriously... and can't even be one we created from our own purchased music files to transfer over???).

Really, the years is 2010... we're spending the $$2500++ for something that one would assume (due to lack of information prior to purchasing) is technology from the last 5 years or so... only to find out the 10GB hard drive is completely useless as there is no current way to transfer already owned files to it.

Please come into the modern era and let us use our legally purchased music instead of having a useless hard drive taking up space under the seat.