100% electric mid size car

By Bob B.

Without question a huge market presently exists for a mid size, 100% electric car. This car would be used in travels of 60 miles of home or less typicaly. It would be our daily driver just as our now gasoline cars are used in most typical daily trips and distance (60 miles or less daily miles driven is typical for most middle class drivers now). Selling price needs to be $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 to be affordable to masses of our country. We should not be looking at foreign makers at all for this much needed vehicle. Ford is the company to make this happen. Sign me up when this happens for at least 1 car ("Fusion" model prefered) We love what Ford stands for in our country. We are very proud of Ford being able to stand on your own in this down turned economy. Hats off to you! Looking forward to being a return customer after 45 years.
Thomas Artman 06/01/2011
You're idea already exists - it's called a Tesla Model S. Base model has 160 mile range, and an extra $10k will get you 230 miles, and another $10k will get you 300 miles. Base price $57,400 before tax credits. Will be rolling off the assembly line in 12 months.
tracie 05/17/2011
I'm only on this site because I am in advertising thinking of something for a ford radio script. I also don't see how this got a -1 rating since I am the first comment.

Ford should take this opportunity to bring back the EV's they had started on. Wake up this is what so many people want there is a waiting list.

I will be buying a vehicle next year and no matter how much I would like it to be a Ford, my only options are Prius (Prius minivan supposedly coming in 2012) and Clarity. If I had $100k to blow - Tesla would be it.