Wind Turbines

By Saul R.

How do wind turbines generate electricity? The wind hits those giant blades and they spin(much like fan blades). I wonder if there is a way to generate electricity using the same principle as wind turbines? After all, most cars are either FWD or RWD which leaves two wheels that could be used to produce electricity for hybrid or all electric cars.
Douglas A 09/12/2012
A perpetual motion machine (such as using your own wheels to turn a power source) is impossible due to friction. HOWEVER, I would like to see if a turbine or geared drive from a wheel would extend the range of an electric vehicle, even with a net loss. I'm guessing the cost of a range-extending system is what makes it not feasable to the masses.
James 06/20/2011
In the same vein, what about using ram-air style scoop(s) to funnel air through a drum-type turbine to spin a generator/alternator when the vehicle's at speed to generate electricity for running accessories or topping off a hybrid/electric vehicle's batteries?
Saul Reyes 05/27/2011
I don't want to capture the air. I'm thinking about using wheel rpm's to generate electricity! I'm guessing, the propellers on wind turbines are connected to some sort of a damper/clutch which in turn is connected to a generator. I'm guessing a similar process is used at hydroelectric plants, ie: Hoover Dam.
Brian Spiller 05/26/2011
No, conservation of energy. To capture the energy of the air moving past the car, you will need more energy to propell the car. Due to in-effeciencies, it will be a net loss.