Wind Turbine to channel in Ford hybrids

By Arif S.

I have owned Ford's Fusion S E Hybrid 2013 for over a year now. Still learning its features. I love the design and features of this car. However, I am disappointed with its Energy recovery system. It uses "brake" to regenrate electricity, which is good when one is driving in the city. But on highways, which is what I do mostly, one hardly uses brake. So you are on gas engine on highway. My average reading of fuel usage, as given by my car computer display, is 5l/100 km or 47 miles/ gallon. This is not bad, but a 4 cylinder gas car can also perform that as well.
On highway, there is a lot of air that is being channeled through the car to reduce air resistance. Why not use this wind to drive an air turbine, which in turn drives generator to charge the battery?. I am aware of wind turbines being used on experimental level. I am not sure what Ford has not used the wind turbine idea, but I feel that together with brake recovery, one should be able to recover a lot of energy and make this vehicle go many more miles withut having to refill gasoline.
I am a small fish in the ocean, but hope Ford will pay attention to my idea and respond. I am a Ford fan and have owned 6 Ford automobiles during last 47 years.Thank you Ford.
Dean K 09/04/2014
A lot of sports cars use air inlets for mid-engine cars to help cool. Putting a small turbin at an inlet like that should create a good airflow to create power. Yes, it will add weight, but if enought power can be generated and less batteries are needed that would make up for the added weight.
Trevor S 08/21/2014
I really like this idea as long as the drag that is created generates more energy to the batteries than causes excessive energy required to provide acceleration.
art h 08/17/2014
Ford doesn't channel air through the car but over it for down force. They reduice the air going under the car to reduice lift. Only a minimal amount goes through the grill for cooling. It's all by desogn. putting a wind turbon on your car would add weight and not very cost effective. a wind turbin isn't cheap.