Why not diesel?

By Ken B.

I currently live in Germany and drive a Focus with a 1.6 liter diesel. I get over 50mpg on the highway and near 40 on my daily commute. Now couple the engine with a plug in hybrid system you could have the best of both worlds for city and rural driving.
Waves N 10/02/2012
But see, that's the thing People do want diesels in America. Volvo is selling a Hybrid diesel in Europe and they sold out on preorders before the car even made it into the showroom. According to the Diesel Technology Forum, domestic diesel auto sales have increased by an impressive 37.0 percent over 2010 compared to the overall auto market’s 10.4 percent increase. In August 2011, diesel sales were up 20 percent, while hybrid sales were down 11 percent and the overall market was up 7.5 percent. By
2015, Baum and Associates expects diesel car sales to grow to 6.0 to 6.5 percent of the entire U.S. market,
compared to just over 3.0 percent today. The research firm J.D. Power & Associates sees the U.S. diesel market
share growing steadily to 7.4 percent by 2017.
For the 2012 model year, German auto manufacturers remain the reigning champs of diesel passenger cars in
the U.S. with 16 models between them. Volkswagen and Audi are offering eight diesel models between the
two brands, which are both owned by Volkswagen Group, for 2012. Mercedes has six diesel models lined up for 2012, and BMW will offer two.
terry chin 03/22/2011
Diesels yes ..... but a diesel hybrid no. The diesel is most efficient when running a constant rpm for a long time..... perfect of locomotives, large trucks & ocean liners. Diesels when started form cold are dirty & smelly not very efficient. Gas hybrids are better.
Brian Langston 03/03/2011
The Ford Escort from the mid 1980's got 50+ mpg from what I have found on web sites. I thought it was an emissions thing, but diesel has really changed. I think a diesel powered Explorer would be awesome, yet Ford decided to turbo charge a lawn mower engine and offer that. People are going to have to understand that we can not all drive a Focus. But we would like to get descent mpg numbers!
Jeremy Steder 02/28/2011
I don't get why people do not want any clean diesels in america. Why wouldn't anyone want a car that gets 50-60 miles to the gallon? With the new technology under the hood of these cars, they are much cleaner diesels.