Why not CMax Diesel in USA?

By John S.

I recently rented a CMax diesel in Germany and for a small car I was very impressed and the fact that it goes like a jackrabbit and has really great mileage I dont understand why we dont have these in the USA. I own a Lexus RX400h hybrid and at best it gets 27.5 MPG and this diesel even driving at 140 KPH was getting over 40 MPG . I could have used a better seat but in Europe they seem to like firm seating. This is a very fun car and I would buy one for local travel if they were available. There was no diesel odor or clackity sound to the engine. Last year I rented a Chevy Cruz diesel in Europe and that was in the same league as the Cmax for mileage and was maybe a little larger.
Bob 09/17/2013
I also just had a diesel C-Max with a 6 speed. What a great vehicle!! If you were to offer it here in the US, I would be among the first in line for one.
General Barnwallace 05/16/2013
It is hard to imagine the reasoning of the companies... you get a quick car that gets amazing mileage. For me, even the tuning of the engines in Europe and the tighter suspensions are much more intuitive and sensible. wtf?
John S 02/02/2013
I do not buy the argument that we cannot build a small diesel that would meet the regulations in NA. The Germans seem to have no trouble doing it.
Waves N 10/02/2012
I have read into this guys and there are so many countries in the world where small diesels are commonplace. I always write companies and ask them why, when so many of us on these forums are wanting to buy the small turbo-diesels will they not sell them in the US. The first answer I get is they are not Market driven. How do you know if a Market like that in the US doesn't want diesel sippers when they don't even sell them here. The other comment I get is that the EPA restriction don't allow for small diesel engines. I was doing a bit of research on that and it seems the EPA doesn't like small engines as they put huge restrictions on the smaller engines making it nearly impossible for carmakers to actually make a small turbo-diesel clean enough to be legal in the US. On large diesel engines the restrictions are very leaniant. So my request would be to combine a large diesel with an electric motor so that we can improve the economy without sacrificing power. I would buy a small ford with a diesel in a heartbeat but I have a VW Golf TDI instead.
Nathan S 08/15/2012
I agree, John. I can not understand why we can not get more small diesel cars in the US along with some small(er) displacement diesels in our trucks.