Waste not, want not:"Waste not, want not: make use of lost engine heat"

By Matt M.

Since turbo's are becoming more popular in today's vehicles, why not use the exhaust that is being diverted to the "waste-gate" of the
turbo to spin a generator that generates electricity for Hybrids to charge the batteries? Much like on the same principal that hydro dams use water to generate electricity.
Use of turbo heat to generate electricity via theromocouples that converts the wasted exhaust heat into electricity can also be a source of recharing Hybrid vehicles batteries.

Michael P 09/15/2012
Heat-absorbing panels could line the exhaust pipes as well. So much heat energy lost!
Dennis T 09/13/2012
A lot of kinetic energy wasted: turning wheels at hiway speeds, exhaust. I have been suggesting alternative ways of generating power to Ford, but, Ford is being to conservative in my opinion. MY OPINION, not to be counted. The 'ICE', internal combustion engine, is in our DNA and will not go away. That is why ideas like 'Serial Hybrid' or running electric motors or charging batteries by generators are being ruled out by Management. I know I am being critical and this post will probably not be included. Ford, PLEASE listen to your customers, the ideas posted here are not frantasy.