VERY FUEL FRUGAL Diesel DCT Grand C-Max (C-Max?) for the US - PLEASE

I see where the current 1.6L diesel C-Max is VCA rated 62 mpg(Imperial) combined with an M5 transmission, BUT Euro Step4 emissions.

The best gasoline C-Max is rated about 36 mpg(US) combined.

According to my sources the US gasoline Grand C-Max is scheduled for late 2011. Forget it!

WE, my family,... NEEDs ... the FUEL FRUGAL GRAND C-Max turbo DIESEL (cruise, power windows/locks, AT hopefully DCT, and AC) here in the US URGENTLY (NOW)! Would like to be as far above 55 mpg(Imperial) COMBINED as possible .... 0 to 60 in 12 seconds would be fine!

How about a loaner for some market research around DC?

IF you know anyone at Ford that can help me get one into the US ... please let me know ... budget does have limits though.
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford ! It appears that more drivers are discovering the allure that Europe has had with the diesel engine. My John-Deere has a diesel and has been trouble free for over 17 years. We can make the change to own a diesel, maintenance is different I know, but we adapt. With the One-Ford design concept we could have diesel in nearly all our front wheel drive cars. the platform is already there. I'd offer a couple if I could make the decision.
Tony Moore 12/29/2011
A diesel-powered Grand C-Max is EXACTLY the vehicle my family of six needs! PLEASE listen to this idea and bring it to the states!
RB 09/24/2011
I just got back from Italy and had a C Max for the week. What a great car. I am not a Ford man, but driving this diesel powered car at 50+mpg made me a beliver that this car would be good for us in the US. It has power, handling and style. We went up the Stelvio pass in norhtern Italy with no problem. It a deisel one was offered in the US, I would buy one.
Mike 05/04/2011
Agreed. Give the diesel a chance here. 40 mpg is not that impressive. My 10 year old paid for full sized car does 31 highway... 10 mpg more isn't enough to make me run to a new car. I'd STRONGLY consider a diesel Focus or C-Max