V6 TDI Diesel Pickup

By Jim T.

Last sping it was time to retire the old trusty F 150 (236,000 miles). I didn't replace her with another Ford. I got tired of waiting for a diesel option. I farm and still didn't want a 250/350 diesel, we all don't have the urge to move houses. I want an F-150 (or a better designed bigger Ranger) with a small TDI V6. Build it (or in your case import it from your european fact, the one you designed ofr the land rover should work fine) and it will sell like hot cakes. On another note my daughter is considering replaceing her Ford Focus, I've convinced her to bypass a new Focus or Fiesta and go straight to a VW TDI Golf or Jetta. I love Ford and always considered myself a Blue Oval man, but you have been asleep at the switch to long and there is no reason, you have the products we want in Europe, bring them here.
James B 04/24/2013
General Motors will re-introduce mid-size trucks to the North American market in 2015, and when they do, a small diesel engine is a likely option. I am a Ford guy have been for along time but looks like Ford is going to lose out again Like when Dodge came out with the Cummings diesel in the heavy duty pickup Ford turned Cummings Away Now Dodge is going to do it with the Ram and GM going to hit them with mid size diesel pickup. I am a Dihard Ford guy but looks like I will be switching pretty quick.
Matt 11/05/2012
I would love to trade my toyota corolla in on a v6 turbo diesel F150. I wouldn't need something as heavy duty as a 250, just something i could get good fuel milage and pull a small boat or camper. I know Ford could do this. Its time to be the leader not the follower!!!
Phil Downey 12/21/2011
The truly sad thing iss that V6 and 4 cylinder diesels are sold over seas, but cannot be imported into the U.S. market
Andrew 07/09/2010
Absolutely!! I'm actually a Chevy truck driver, and was just searching the web for any information on when we might see TDI diesel engines in the light truck space. I'll probably drive my current truck for another three years, and I'm hoping to see a TDI diesel offering when it's time to replace it (Ford or Chevy will be preferred when the time comes).

It actually doesn't have to be TDI - just something better than the gas guzzling powerhouses we have today. I'm hoping for the same power as my 5.3L V8, but I'd like to get MUCH better mileage from the engine. I also use my truck for commuting and errands, and good mileage (without sacrificing power) would be HUGE.
Scott Seigmund 04/15/2010
I think we have a quorum here. I went through the same experience recently when I needed a new pickup truck. After owning 5 consecutive ford F-series, I jumped ship after patiently waiting over two years for the announced light diesels. After all the domestic manufacturers including Toyota cancelled their light diesel programs, I finally had to do something. I have always loved Ford trucks, but when your preferred brand leaves you out in the cold long enough, you start to take a hard look at everything else. I have owned two HD F250s, but at this point in my life, I really don't need all that capability. 750 lb-ft of torque?? That's great, but I don't pull a fifth wheel, just an 8500 GVWR equipment trailer and a recreational boat. I need a truck with ~450 lb-ft torque and 7500 to 9000 lb towing capability. I want four doors as my truck is driven daily and I sometimes have passengers. The ~$8,000 up-charge for the big diesels puts them well out of reach, plus they really do not deliver very good fuel economy other than for heavy towing. I've read road test on the Land Rovers running the Ford developed V6 TDI and wish I could have similar fuel economy in a 1/2 ton truck of nearly the same weight. Although my Ram 1500 HEMI (love the motor, mileage is pretty average) is brand new, I would trade it tomorrow for a diesel. I DO NOT want a tweaked up turbo V6 gas engine. I went through that whole small engine turbo thing with Ford back in the 80's. Those motors are not for trucks.