USA needs a diesel SUV

We are in the market for a diesel SUV for our family of 4 plus dog and cannot find a newer American made auto. Ford used to make the Excursion and though its totally not "PC", it would be great to get one. They are hard to come by and go for a lot of money! We would like AWD or 4 x 4 capability as we like to ski and camp. We would like to be able to tow a boat or one of the newer trailers and be able to have enough seats for 7 people.

I've seen the Ford Eurovan which looks like its being launched over sees and think if that could be diesel and AWD or 4x4 with seating for at least 7, it would be great! It would be like a more compact Ford Excursion, how perfect is that in today's green world! Maybe even later it could be an electric/diesel motor!

Thanks for reading!

This would be an all around
Jake J 07/15/2012
Yeah, the expedition gets horrible mpg, a diesel engine option would sell it to more customers.
Carl W 06/13/2012
Well Sadly a foriegn company will do it first.. (look up KTM Axe)
jerry s 06/01/2012
they sure do turbodisel preferably and some cars too its much more efficient and reliable/durable direct injection too
Dennis T 05/30/2012
'Serial Hybrid': I have suggested this before. The concept would use less fuel. Electric motors have a lot of torque and also be used to brake the vehicle. Diesel-Electric locomotives on a smaller scale. Ford, please do this. Getting away from 'ICE' is the future. Using less fuel with a Serial Hybrid concept would buy more time so the Hydrogen age will happen.