Turboshaft hybrid

The idea isn't new, maybe not practical either, but it is the most efficient solution I can concieve for long range electric hybrid vehicles. Start with an electric vehicle, but instead of adding a large, heavy, and complex piston engine to charge the battery, add a simple, light-weight turboshaft engine to charge the battery. It should produce just enough power to charge the battery fast enough to keep the car moving at highways speeds. Turbo-shaft engines are more efficient than piston engines in a MPG sense, and they are much lighter than equally powerful piston engines. They are also much better suited to the constant-output job of charging batteries than a piston engine is.
Robert B 02/03/2013
Stan.... Traditional turbines may be so, but capstone produces great micro turbines that could be easily adapted to this... Remember the purpose is to charge the battery, not turn the driveshaft.
Stan U 01/28/2013
Turbines are very high maintenance and are NOT fuel efficient unless you transport a lot of people. They are high output for their weight so are good for aircraft.