Turbo diesel powered Escape.

By Don W.

I'm not certain that Fuel Economy / Sustainability is the right place, but here goes:
I'm about to buy my first SUV and, like many others, I have become a fan of turbo diesel power. I "commute" about once a month over a 7500 foot mountain pass, often in snow, and would like the torque and economy of a turbo diesel. Is there a chance that Ford will bring its small diesel engines to North America? I would buy a turbo diesel, 4WD Escape in a heartbeat. Any chance of that happening?
Nathan Huck 10/06/2011
Just give us the same option as you give the rest of the world Ford! The market here is ready for diesels and you'll be making the eur escapes on the same line as the us ones- so just give us the diesel option! Would you sell me one as a crate motor? I'll install the thing myself if I have to!
Brian Langston 02/09/2011
Ford is supposed to bring the Kuga (or whatever they call it here) to the U.S. market. I think it will replace the Escape. It looks alot like a Honda crv to me. It is offered in a diesel overseas and if I remember correctly it got something like 40 mpg! That compared to about 26 mpg or whatever the gasoline Escape model gets now, sounds like it would reduce fuel/oil consumption. How can they not bring these diesels to America? If the U.S. government was serious about cutting oil dependency, it would allow these engines to our markets.
lee gardoski 01/03/2011
About sometime somebody said it, Diesel is the way to go. Remember Jeeps Diesel powered Liberty built from 05-06t? Well they sold twice the amount they anticipated. VW's sales for it's TDI wagon were up 85% for 2010. Try finding a Ford hybrid on Ford UK's website. Well you can't! Ford Mondeo trumps the Fusion Hybrid by a long shot on MPG without a heavy complex hybrid system. How about the Ford Fiesta Econetic Diesel available in Europe that pollutes less than a Prius and gets phenomenal fuel mileage? The excuse of expense shipping emissions equipment etc etc gets thrown around by most domestic companies but you know VW manages to build them in Germany, ship them here to the US and sell everyone they build! I've been doing some research and unlike most hybrids you can actually get a return on your investment. Hybrids sound great at face value along with electric vehicles but those big heavy batteries are made from elements that are just as finite as fossil fuels, actually more finite. Plug in electrics sound good, but 70% of the power generated in this country is from fossil fuels. How about the energy balance surrounding a hybrid battery? Mining the material, processing it, shipping it, and final production of a battery and then when it's used up it has to be dealt with along with all the nasty ingredients that go into making it. Sorry hybrids make about as much sense as ethanol.