Truck using new Explorer unibody platform (maybe new Ford Ranger?)

The new 2011 Explorer looks fantastic, and the unibody platform will surely help with fuel economy.

I think Ford will greatly benefit from offering a new truck using the new Explorer platform. It would be a great competitor to the Honda Ridgeline!
Steve 05/20/2012
I'd like to see a concept based on the Unibody Explorer. Something that gets good mileage during the week, can pull a 2 place snowmobile trailer and an 18 foot fish and ski type boat on the weekends. Front wheel drive for most of the driving and electric lock in of the rear wheels for four wheel drive to pull up the boat ramp, or get traction on snow covered roads. Enough of a bed/box to haul stuff for weekend and yard projects, materials from the lumber yard or a dog kennel for hunting. The kinda limited convenience hauling and pulling that most of the suburbanites who drive four wheel drive pickups actually need.
Roy Scherler 11/12/2010
Rangers are trucks not cars, don't make it one or no one will buy it. Rangers do need to have a quad cab option, I would prefer it to an explorer. you also need to make it a turbo diesel like you sell for the rest of the world. I have driven my 94 ranger for 240000 miles with no plans to replace it except if you come out with a quad cab.
Alex 09/22/2010
Ford, you said you listened to your customers for the F-Series, you need to listen to us Ranger owners too! A unibody truck is not a replacement for the Ranger. Due to the fact that you want Ranger customers to step up to the F-150, those customers will now turn to other brands. Do you want that? A new Ranger will not hurt the F-150's sales as bad as you think. It will still be your bread and butter truck. You already have the engine technology available in some of your other vehicles, so why not take advantage of that and put it into a new (not unibody) truck? Bring a crew cab out too. The reason why the Sport Ttrac wasn't successful was because it did not have enough bed to suit someone's needs.
William Fish 08/28/2010
As a ranger owner myself i would rather see fordkill it off than turn it into a useless unibody truck. As it sits I feel as if you are trying to kill the ranger off by trying to upsell to the f-150's which quite honestly, some people DON"T WANT! I say to increase sales, kill the 2.3 and the 4.0 and go for the new ecoboost 4 cylender and the 3.7L V6 from the new mustang, with some modefications to make more low-end torque.I completely understand you will never give the us a diesel. but a quad cab would be nice.

My name is William Fish And I drive a 1994 Ford Ranger. 178K and no problems I havent created myself!
rob ward 08/26/2010
hit the nail on the head.
Shane 08/26/2010
What a bad idea! Please do not submit to the unibody wave that has started to be the trend. This will move a lot of buyers to other trucks. The Ranger has long been popular in the small truck crowd because of the ease of modification and aftermarket support. I liken this decision to the idea of making the Mustang a front wheel drive car back in 1989. The Ranger is a great truck, don't ruin it.
Karl 08/25/2010
No need to compete with the Ridgeline, cause Honda is killing it.
Dave 08/25/2010
This is a very silly idea. The 2011 Explorer does not embody the spirit of the Ranger. The Ranger is a tough vehicle with great offroad and utility capability. Any vehicle based on the 2011 Explorer would not do any of those things that are important to Ranger owners. The only thing that could be done to make the Ranger better would be a crew cab and a diesel option.
Jon 08/25/2010
Ridgeline sales are in the toilet and Honda is considering killing it. Nobody wants unibody trucks with tiny useless beds. I say build an all-new Ranger that uses traditional body on frame design and offer an Ecoboost 4 cyl AND a small diesel.
Rob Ward 08/25/2010
That would be a horrible idea, front wheel drive unibody has no business being on a truck platform. ditching the frame barely touched the fuel economy. The new engine combintations are where most if not all of the 30% increase in fuel economy came from. I point to the 30% increase in fuel economy when ford replaced the 4.0 in the 2010 mustang with the 3.7 in the 2011 mustang.

The explorer ditched its frame, and rearwheel drive, because ford feels that most people who buy them don't use them off road, and because ford wanted to save money with platform sharing. But people who buy rangers use them as trucks, no one looks at the ridgeline and says "that is a capable truck". Ford would lose market share to more capable trucks such as the Dakota and the Tacoma if it went with honda route with yet another car. If the honda method was the right method the Dakota and Tacoma would have died out, yet the Tacoma a powerfull capable truck is still number 1.