Why use just battery/electric cars instead use a power source that is all around us . over head power the trolly system does.technolgy would have to be improved so the vehile could directionally point to the power drawing short burst of electricity and gather it in roof rack antenna system. then send it to a power plant on board. monitored by computers even metered by a transponder and billed out to your home power bill. no more being tathered to a station of some sort.also no more small vehicles the large family sized suv would make a great platform for the (tcv)
why spend monies and technolgy on just battery cells with limited uses. shift that to bring existing power safly & economically from a power source that is abundant from overhead power lines....
Keith J 03/23/2013
Try that in the desert! People that live in cities think they are the only people in the world. If you went maybe 20 miles out of town you would see why this is impractical.
Lizzie S 03/22/2013
This is a really good idea!! I hope Ford decides to make it!!
andrew s 03/21/2013
i forgot to note that korea currently is using this technology in their wireless trolley system