Transit Connect plug-in Hybrid

I retired from welding 10 years ago and today I have a small steel fab shop where I build yard art and other special order stuff as a ,could be profitable, hobby. I need a vehical that is big enough to deliver my products as well as pick up supplies. Also my wife and I like to take a few grand-kids and our three dogs to the Oregon Coast and the Transit Connect would be the perfect size for everything I want to do. I have been spoiled with the economy of my 2008 Escape Hybrid and it is good but the Transit Connect would be perfect if it was available as a Hybrid or plug-in hybrid. I would buy a plug-in Hybrid Transit Connect tomorrow if there was one.
RW 12/26/2013
I would absolutely love to buy a hybrid transit connect.  Better yet, offer an RV conversion (preferably cheaper than the Mercedes-like Westfalia conversion available in Europe).  As for a plug-in hybrid version, nobody has been able to figure out how to make one cost competitive - the only reason I own a hybrid that is not plug-in is that the payback for the added price and loss of trunk space is just not there (yet).  As for the biggest reason to get a transit connect hybrid, I just have to point out that a Honda Odyssey with 250hp and standard Variable Cylinder Management gets the 19-28 mpg whenthe LWB Transit Connect gets 20-28 mpg with a paltry 169 hp.  And the Honda will tow 3500 lb when the TC limit is 2000 lb.  Comparably equipped, the Honda is only about $1500 more, which is an incredibly strong argument for the Honda, unless a Transit Connect Hybrid is offered for less than $30k.
Matthew R 02/15/2013
Businesses are always looking to cut costs, more importantly, to improve efficiency. For businesses who are constantly servicing off-site or shuttling parts and supplies of intermediate size to multiple, remote locations in a day, hybrids would be the ideal platform. Currently, Ford is missing out on a great opportunity to open up a market based on technology they already have. If Ford made the Transit-Connect a hybrid, they would be the only manufacturer to offer a hybrid vehicle in this class. And we would buy one.
Tim Peregoy 08/31/2011
Make a plug in Hybrid and I will buy one. Build in a 120-240 volt inverter into it so I can run power tools or light up the house if the power go's out or I'm camping.
Ron Graves 06/21/2011
The Transit is the perfect replacement for the 1967 VW Microbus. All it needs is all wheel drive ECO-boost/ small diesel / hybrid and a six speed tranny, Oh yeah, drop a couple thousand bucks off the msrp. My ultimate old man fishing rig.