Transit Connect diesel Wagon

By Dan I.

The Transit Connect in Europe is available with a 1.6 L diesel engine which achieves 4.0L/100km fuel economy or approx 70.6mpg! This would be a tremendous engine option to make available to US owners. The only high-mileage minivan in the US market would be huge. Just search the web to see how many 100s of thousands of people in US are interested in Diesel Dodge Grand Caravan, Diesel Subaru Outback, etc. And all of these vehicles not available in US for some ridiculous reason.
Dan P 02/07/2014
I'd be happier with a hybrid minivan, since hybrids excel in city environments, whereas diesels excel on the highway... but either way, it kills me that when going from 5 passengers to 6, the best mileage Ford can manage drops from 47+ (hybrids/plug-ins) to about 25 for the Transit Connect van.
Brad B 10/19/2013
Hey Ford !  I have to agree, the diesel as a option is a must, think about the small delivery services, especially those in large urban areas like LA or NYC.