Torque Vectoring+Brake Regen

By Alan C.

The new Fusion Hybrid, C-Max, Energi and Focus Electric and any new hybrid/electric vehicle(Focus 5-Door Hybrid/Fiesta Hybrid) should all have Torque Vectoring tied to Brake Regeneration so that every time you corner, it adds energy back to the battery.
Lawrence Schultz 02/15/2012
This is something that is very heavy and complicated. The hone overdrive is for rear wheel drive cars and fits on the front of the axle 'pig'. The length of the overdrive comes out of the length of the driveshaft shortening the driveshaft and the driveshaft angles become more severe with motion of the axle and windup when using power which may decrease the life of the U joints and cause NVH issues. With a 6 speed transmission or transaxle, there is not much point in having a two speed 'axle'.
Mark 12/18/2011
Why not use a 2 speed axle system on all Ford vehicles to increase fuel ecomomy?