The Micro Grid Ch 1 and Ch 2

The Micro Grid Ch 1 Technology is here, the most economical battery power solution to making batteries of all sizes last for as long as you want from being charged by a portable battery charger. This system is unique in a way that allows a "AAA' battery to last fifty hours when full with out over charging and fourty seconds from approximitly a five minute charge regardless of how long you charge it. With six "AAA" batteries switching from one battery to the next through five and then repeat that as long as you want will maintain and ensure that a will always have enough juice to power the vehicleconsider this a smart charger!

The Micro Grid Ch 2 differs from one as you do not need five batteries to ensure that at least one always has a charge all you need is The Micro Grid Ch 2 technology hooked up to one battery and it will charge while the battery is being used and drained.