The electric car that never needs charging.

By Chad K.

I have an idea that in theory, would allow an electric car to run without ever having to charge at a charging station or at your home. It would work on the same principal that a wind turbine would generate energy for an electric grid. As the vehicle moves, the wheels spin; this spinning motion could be enough to recharge the battery of the electric car. Each wheel would house a turbine in its rim, which could spin around the generator during motion. The faster the vehicle traveled the more electricity that would generate to recharge the battery. During city travel, this could work in combination with other free energy options, like solar powered roof and or hood ect…
jordan 06/13/2014
So your saying to put Wind turbines in the rim?
Tair 05/27/2013
i had the same idea, only i included small wind turbines that are in the ventilation system so when the car uses a/c, it blows the wind turbines making them spin and generate electricity