That extra green boost!

By Paul A.

The proposed Ford-Arbor Day Foundation Plan

The idea behind the partnership is to help with the environmental impact of CO2 emissions from motor vehicles.
The plan would not be a designated dollar amount donation to the Arbor Day Foundation but a partnership to help to improve the environment. Every Ford vehicle with an Eco-Boost designation, hybrid drive or alternative fuel drive, would include a one year membership in the Arbor Day Foundation at the membership cost of $10. It could also be an additional option with all Ford Vehicles that could be added on at the dealership so it would be available to all Ford consumers. With that membership the buyer would get the option to have his free trees to be shipped to his home, donated to a locally designated group or used worldwide in current Arbor Day missions. Working this way instead of an outright corporate donation gives both Ford and the Arbor Day foundation the opportunity to educate future Ford owners and Foundation members about the importance of environmental responsibility and the steps we need to take to help preserve our environment and way of life.
With this program each vehicle sale has the potential to add 10 more trees to our environment. This could help reduce the impact of illegal logging operations and the natural destruction of ecosystems around the world. The amount of trees donated would boost the public green spaces in many communities around the nation. This opens up opportunities for many groups to get involved with community improvement and sustainability.
The new Ford owners are paying for the memberships, Ford and the Arbor Day Foundation are helping the environment, and everyone who walks into a Ford dealership and test drives a car gets a little more educated about sustainability. Those buyers of Eco-Boost products who are not interested in the environment or the Foundations mission will still be donating their trees and helping the mission. Perhaps one day they will realize that they too have helped to make an impact.
I truly believe that this is a winning partnership that will have a tremendous future for both Ford and The Arbor Day Foundation. It has the potential to literally ‘grow with time’.