bring your TDI engines to the USA, i know ford makes them for europe, i drive a tdi VW and love it. i get 45mpg with my car.
Michael Bashta 08/07/2011
I think they should take a shot at a TDI hybrid! :)
David Mellor 07/07/2011
Wish Ford would bring their clean diesel technology to the USA and give us an immediate boost in fuel economy by at least 1/3. Maybe I could afford to go up north to Nubs Nob/Boyne and ski more than once a year. You would definitely sell more explorers and escapes.
Brian Langston 07/04/2011
Just saw on Autoblog website that BMW has a diesel car that has 50 mpg. The diesel fiesta in the U.K. gets over 60 mpg. Neither cars will be in the U.S. market. If the government wants higher mpg standards they are going to have to get more diesel cars in America!!
Brad Krekelberg 06/30/2011
darn tootin'