Taurus Hybrid

Well, I test drove both the Fusion Hybrid and the new Taurus. I love the MPG from the hybrid, but it doesnt have as much room and comfort of the Taurus. If the batteries could be placed in the spare tire area like in the Escape, in the Taurus (which would keep the huge truck space). That would be the best of both worlds.
I want comfort, lots of storage space, and great MPG's.
dog dogman 02/15/2013
build it and we will buy it!!! full sized sedan, hybrid engine & great gas mielage !!!
Eric Andrews 12/20/2011
I really like the look and feel and of the new Taurus, but I cannot replace my current car (Pontiac Grand Prix) with another one that gets the same exact (bad) gas mileage. I like the Fusion Hybrid, but want the handling and room of the Taurus. Please build a Taurus Hybrid. Thanks.