Sustainability of Ford

My idea is for Ford Motor Company to Export the Ford Falcon from Australia to America. The Specs on this car, are extremely amazing. the Falcon GT models are incredible, better than the cars made in America. I believe that the American population will accept the Falcon as a great Family and Fun car. It's the type of rear wheel V8 that blows anyones mind away. It has the sensibility of a amazing Family car, big boot, 5 Adults comfortably, V8 (or V6) Engine with real wheel drive for those amazing weekend drives. Great towing capabilities as well.

I believe that Ford Motor Company will benefit from this export from Australia. This will bring a huge Sustainability for your Ford Motor Company and give the people a great family car, but can also double up as the weekend fun car.
Brett 12/09/2010
Could not agree more, in return send us the Mustang and the Explorer, That new explorer looks awesome.