Standard C-Max charger

By Brad B.

How about a charger system that would work on a 110vt outlet for the regular C-Max Hybrid. There is one for the *Energi model.
Brad B 08/26/2013
Hey Ford & Alex !  The battery is large enought for that, this would give you I'd estimate an extra 6 to 8 EV miles.  For me that is about one gallon of gas saved each week, now at the current price of gas 52 gallons saved it worth over $170.00 in savings or 4 tanks of gas per year.  One might use $15 worth of electricity over the year.  Yes, like Uncle Scrooge McDuck I'm a bit on the thrifty side, you have to be in this economy to be succesfull.  Now what would I do with say an extra $150?  That is 32 bales of hay on a horse farm.
Jus A 05/03/2013
I like this idea. I have many instances where my hybrid is down to 30% and it would be nice to leave the garage with a 100% capacity in the morning. The size of the battery should have no bearing on whether the car is a plugin rechargeable battery or not as long as the owner is aware that he is not going to get 25+ eMiles on that charge like the Energi. They have the technology to charge whatever battery I believe.
Alex 04/05/2013
The battery isn't big enough for that, it charges itself through regen braking, no need for a plug.