Solar roof panels

By Ben H.

Would it be possible to install solar panels on car roofs to charge electric and hybrid batteries while driving??? I always get annoyed when see state patrol cars that just drive for hours on the highway just in case or when they park for a speed trap when they could be driving a electric hybrid that charges and runs off the sun since they are one the open sunny road anyways. we'd be able to park our car in the lot during work and it would be charged when we're ready to leave, or while it's sitting in the drive way. I'm extremely interested in the new electric ford focus but it wouldnt allow for long road trips or vacations where there are no charging stations, this would eliminate or lessen that need.

Another idea would be to direct air flow while driving onto small wind generators to also create additional electricity. I just dont like the idea of only being able to drive less then 100 miles and get stuck somewhere with no outlet.
Clayton P 09/07/2012
I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually have been trying to think how would be the best way to do this. I do believe that a solar panel on the roof of a vehicle would be able to at least help the charge of the battery, at least while it was parked in a lot. Also the wind turbine idea is perfect for fully electric cars, because you can use the natural wind you create by driving and there for you would be creating electricity, and would need even less gas! GENUIS! Ford should put this into development RIGHT NOW!
JR Spindler 01/23/2011
maybe even solar panels on the roof as well as auxiliary pop-up wind turbine/generator that could still charge from a stong breeze all night in the driveway without the sun or at work in the parking lot on cloudy days.
Curtis 01/16/2011
I don\\'t know if you will get enough current from solar to do anything meaningful to charge the battery. However, living in Phoenix, I would love a system similar to the Prius that controls a fan in the cabin while its parked.