Solar panels

By Greg K.

As solar panels grow more efficient & costs for them decrease, has Ford considered engineering them as roof built-ins for hybrids or electric vehicles? These cars could recharge themselves while sitting in the parking lot or driveway all day!
Tom C 04/27/2012
I was just about to post the same idea and fully support the concept. It just makes a whole lot of sense. Free energy harvested a stored.
Kurt M 03/24/2012
Me too. Solar panels would reduce my concern of getting stranded in an EV and increase my range. I really want to buy an EV. I've even put solar panels on my house to prepare.
I had the same question. Being that Ford has partnered with SunPower, it should almost be a no brainer. I have been reading on other sites on the web about how other people have used solar to extend the EV mode of their Hybrid. By keeping the battery in a high state of charge. Could a heck be developed for all models and years of the Ford hybrids?