Solar Panel to power AC

A solar panel placed on the hood to power the AC, would help during hot summer days - especially in park mode. You walk into a cool car!!
Larry S 02/06/2014
U. S. Green Energy in Danville VA makes solar roofing shingles for homes that looks much like standard shingles. The solar component should be thin enough to be incorporated into the roof of a vehicle.
Andrew J 05/26/2013
I don't know about solar panels....which would either require owners/operators to place them up and take them down or create a product that is not esthetically pleasing. I recommend photovoltaic paint. This way the entire car is a giant solar cell. With that much surface area an air-conditioner should be enabled.
William L 05/14/2013
I don't know if solar would provide the amount of power needed to run the AC compressor, but is could certainly provide enough power to run the heater/AC fan while the vehicle is parked.

Actually, a better solution would be to use window glass that blocks UV light and passes IR, as well as running the fan to blow out the hot air.