Solar panel instead of Sunroofs for Hybrids

While the car is seating out baking in the sun, I would much rather have the sun charging the battery at the same time. I would think that the technology should already exist? With the glut of solar panel, it would be great if they are offered as an option to the upcoming C-Max, for example.

Better yet... perhaps the solar panel an generate enough electricity to power a cooling system for the battery while the car is baking under the sun, in a bid to preserve the battery life?
Jason S 03/13/2013
Much needed!!!
ABSOLUTELY a good idea. Don't forget to offer it on the truck line, particularly behind the moon roof so you don't lose that feature. Think of a pocket door on its the moon roof when open is not in competition to the solar panel array. IF HGTV can create a wine rack pocket door behind a refrigerator, then your engineers should be able to figure this one out.
jt w 09/14/2012
Current silicon solar cells are brittle and costly to make however plastic flexible solar cells are availabler that could formed into a body shape and they are cheap and light. While this form is not yet as efficient as the silicon cells, we must all remember that for the greater portion of the day our cars are parked. What if you ran out of gas in a hybred so equipted, couldn't you just sit and wait for the sun to recharge enough to get help?
Jonathan M 08/21/2012
Good idea... there may be some patents in the way though. However I'm liking it and am for it.
Brian P 08/07/2012
Audi and Mazda had solar panel sunroof panels to run the AC and keep the car cool - No reason a larger array couldn't be used to supplement battery charging for hybrids/plugins