Small Turbo-Diesel Pickup Ranger Replacement

I need a pickup and thought the Ranger would be nice if only it came with a turbo-diesel. Then i found out that 2011 will be the last year for Ranger in the US. So i'd recommend as part of the 2012 redesign Ford should consider deploying a small turbo-diesel pickup as an option in the redesign. While green, the implied upcoming increase in fuel pricees makes large pickups become more expensive while a small turbo diesel sounds more economic. I would espectially be interested in an all-wheel-driver or 4-wheel-drive model.
Steve 06/19/2014
I was going to buy an S-10 but they stopped making them in '04. So I bought a ranger instead. It has been excellent and would like to buy another when mine wears out. So they quit making those too. I want a small truck with a four cylinder engine. So I will be forced to buy a toyota Tacoma. I swear our automakers want to fail.
Skooter 10/19/2012
Ford did make a Ranger diesel . I owned one it was a 1989 model and standard shift. Had a four cylinder turbo diesel and got 42 mpg. empty or fully loaded. When I tried to find another one after a deer hit mine and totaled it I was told that 1989 was the last year for them in the USA because of low sales but they were still being sold in Europe.
Hi M 07/22/2012
I recently saw Ford Ranger diesel pickups in Israel and Jordan. How I drooled and salivated over them. I would love to have a Ford Ranger diesel pickup in my garage.
Hi M 07/22/2012
I have owned a number of Rangers and I was disappointed beyond words that the Ranger is now discontinued. How I would have loved to have a Ranger with a diesel engine. During the Oil Embargo (was it 1984, thereabouts?) the Ford Escort was available with a diesel engine from Europe. It was a great car. One of the competitors tried to convert a gasoline engine to diesel for their luxury line and lost a lot of customers because the engine was not designed to be a diesel. The Ford diesel from Europe was designed to be a diesel and performed magnificently. The body finally gave out before the engine did.
Can't you just visualize a Ford Ranger with a diesel engine called the Texas Ranger? I would buy one in a minute. It might cost a bit more from the git-go but it would certainly pay off in the long run. Sign me up and I might consider letting a friend have my 2002 Ranger that he has coveted for years.
My message to Ford? Drop a diesel in a Ford "Texas" Ranger and let your competitors worry about a gasoline engine.
Nick Van Dine 12/19/2011
Ford, please please please bring the Global Ford Ranger 3.2l TDi to the states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MikeJJ 09/19/2011
Volkswagen is selling all the TDi Diesels they bring over here. Why in the world do we not have a sport trac sized pickup with a turbo diesel that gets like 26 mpg? Make one with roughly the same towing capabilities and interior etc with a highly efficient turbo diesel and surely they would sell. I know I would buy one.
Brian Langston 01/23/2011
Did some research on Ford Australia web site, and believe that the new ranger should be available in the U.S. with that diesel engine!! I think it would be a great replacement for those who liked the Explorer Sport Trac. Several people sad to see it go away on an explorer forum page. Also, would like to see more info on the Ford suv over there, is diesel an option in it and what kind of mpg numbers is it getting?
Ben Barrington 01/18/2011
Seriously! Bring the World Ranger Stateside! I have a '94 that still runs well, but it's going to need replacing sooner then later!
Greg Drazek 01/13/2011
Hopefully Ford is just being quiet on the release of the "world' ranger in the US. Gas prices will go back up, and the market will demand a smaller, more efficient pickup truck. Hopefully Ford will be ready with this is truck, and not gift the segment to Toyota and Nissan.
David Ross 01/11/2011
I totally agree with this idea. The Ranger as per Australia is perfect for a lot of uses in the US of A. After all, we have an international market now! I say go GREEN with the new turbodiesel Ranger in the USA!! When I was over in Australia several years ago there were many, many turbodiesel vehicles running around. I think this would be a perfect opportunity to put some engineering into bringing the turbodiesel Ranger (or whatever badge it could wear) to the North American market as we realize we need to meet the EPA emissions standards. Thank you for considering this idea!
Chris Bennett 01/10/2011
and Me Again Agian... HEY - Check out the Ford Australia site - the New Ranger is already there and basically what i WANTED - that and the Falcon UTE - wish i could get those in the USA>>>>!!!!
Chris Bennett 01/08/2011
Me again... so what will the replacement be called - suggestion: F100 - ok? How about Independent read suspension? How about options besides a bed like; panel cab, flatbed, utility box, camper box, rally back-rack...? Maybe the new dual clutch transmission design? Perhaps bring back the modular 4 cyl/6 cyl goal...