Small Five Cylinder Diesel for Full size trucks

Your european 3.2 Diesel TCDi L5 makes 200hp and 350 lb-ft of Torque. It's only 48hp less than the base V8 in the current truck, and compensates for this loss a bit with 56 lb-ft of torque more. Not just that, but this tiny engine is almost as powerful as the old 7.5 liter gasoline V8 from the 80's era F-series.

You'd have to test it out to get real world numbers, but I'd be willing to bet that you could get some very good fuel economy numbers out of this with only a slight drop in power.
Dave Hamlyn 06/22/2010
I think this is very good idea. Ford internationally has a lot of engines to choose from. The European Engines have been proven. We in South Africa had F series from 1948 until 1984.Then we had a 4.2 litre MWM Diesel engine from Brazil in about 2005. What brilliant vehicles.There is a definite need for F series in South Africa. We in South Africa are used to having tough vehicles. The F 150 or F100 should be a 1 tonner and not a half ton. The Jap vehicles just not take the punishment the F series takes. The Steel or metal gauge thickness of Back body needs to be thicker. The Cortina Pick up of the 80's in RSA had a very good back body. It didn't break or crack. This little vehicle could take a full ton load.
In South Africa these vehicles are not only used for recriational, but also real work horses.
Currently Toyota has Land Cruiser. If Ford is serious obout Sales world wide, I would like to see Ford clean up the RHD Market in Africa.