Small diesels in Cars and Trucks

By Ben M.

I think that Ford should bring small turbo diesels to the United States to be used in cars as well as trucks as a power train option. Diesels have great fuel economy, power, and are clean to operate in this day and age. I would love to have a car that has a small turbo diesel but I really don't want to have to buy a VW.
brad a 01/07/2013
agreed! I don't think the R&D would be very much, since many foreign Ford models offer diesel ( I think?) Ford is seriously missing out here. There is absolutely no reason diesel is only now an emerging market.
Scott S 11/16/2012
While there are full size pickups there are No Us manufactured sport trucks or Diesel passenger cars it just doesnt make sense .I would in a heartbeat buy a new passenger suv only Vw and Porsce Makes one . My 83 cummins in a suburban is only getting older soon Ill have to build something smaller
Peter G 10/24/2012
I could not longer wait for the big -3 to produce a diesel passenger car or small pickup. I didn't want a hybrid. I am Ford stock holder and loyal Ford owner. I finally bought the TDI VW. The power and performance of a 2ltr Diesel is amazing. It exceeds the EPA mileage rating tank after tank. Ill never go back to gas. Ford, Please bring Clean Diesel power to the US consumers. It is time.
Michael S 10/23/2012
This is a brilliant idea that I've been trying to express to many companies. America has an emerging market looking for diesels, one that is not being filled by any companies besides Volkswagen. The American people especially of my age range is looking for diesel automobiles that are cheap enough to be affordable to the majority of American's as well as the youth. Ford is in a great position to supply this, you have a large variety of European Diesel engines for a vast majority of the automobiles sold over there, all that would be needed to sell them here in America would be altering the emissions system to meet EPA requirements. I believe the cost of R&D and manufacturing would be trivial compared to the returns Ford would gain from being the first company to supply a wide variety of affordable diesel automobiles into America. This is a very good opportunity for Ford to take hold in a market largely unsatisfied in America. And to be the front runner into a new market will almost certainly always bring great financial gains as well as public support. I believe your reliability in these new diesels will have already been proven due to your track record with affordable diesels in Europe. That'll be a major factor to the American people surrounding these new diesels emerging. I would be very pleased to see Ford take up upon this great opportunity that isn't being fulfilled, it would help Ford financially as well on public approval, it'll also be helping the American public get a greatly desired new set of vehicles here. This is a very wise buisness proposition placed to Ford, the question is will they let it pass and some other company fulfill this growing desire first?