small diesel pick-up truck

By John C.

I always wonder why someone doesn't build a Ranger sized pick-up truck with a small diesel engine. I remember VW did in the early 80's but they rusted and were wimpy. I would jump on the chance to own a small {ranger sized} pick-up that would get upwards of 30 miles to gallon {avg} and yet could pull a small boat , say about 2500lbs. Maybe wishes will come true,?
ned hill 06/24/2012
i put a 2.2 diesel in my 2003 ranger edge 4x4 and it out performs all the jeeps and chevy's i play with
sceptic 04/13/2010
Absolutely a great idea. the first big 3 automaker to put a small fuel efficient turbo diesel in a 1/2 ton pickup will grab a big chunk of the market.
Doug Vrazel 04/13/2010
I would agree with this, but might add that such an engine/mpg might be possible in a F150'd sell a LOT of those! I currently drive a 2000 7.3 diesel excursion (150,000miles)........I'm getting to the point of wanting something new (with Sync!?) but there really isn't ANYTHING that has the capabilities of my diesel excursion (which gets 16mpg on average). I'm looking forward to seeing a Ecoboost V6 F150 but that might not have the pulling capacity of a light diesel. My wife drives a 7.3 crew cab F350 dually........we've fallen in love with diesel engines!
Rob 04/13/2010
YES PLEASE?!?! NOW! You have the mill now put it in a F-150 and a Ranger, PLEASE!
Dave 04/13/2010
This was my suggestion as well. The Ranger gets horrible fuel economy when compared to the F-150 and is significantly smaller than it's main rivals.

Dust off the F-100, fit it with a diesel and roll it out as everything from a basic work-truck to a hard-core off road machine. A mid-size SUV to compete with the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and the Nissan X-Terra Off Road would be very welcome. A low-reving torquey diesel would be ideal for towing or off-road rock-crawling.

The fuel economy would also help Ford exceed the new CAFE regulations and get fuel-efficient vehicles into the hands of those who can't afford a hybrid.
Rob 04/13/2010
YES PLEASE!! Figure out how to get around the EPA, we want diesel!