Small Diesel Engines.

It will be great to see diesel engines in vehicles such as the Ranger, Fusion, Explorer, Fiesta and Focus.
steven P 04/18/2014
For the 7 passengers, don't forget the bmw X5d and Audi Q7. All options (bmw, Audi and Mercedes) are all pushing the 30 mpg mark and tow ratings of 6,000+lbs. What a great combination, high enough mpg to take the family around town, commute to work and hitch up the camper for an extended vacation.

I love Ford vehicles. I have had four Super Duties, a F-150 and a T-bird. I hated to break tradition and still refuse to go with a bail-out company, but I broke down and went outside the Ford family. I purchased a VW Sportwagen tdi because I needed a commuter to pair with my F-450. As my family grows, we will be looking for a 7+ (preferably 8) passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, it looks like we will lean towards an Audi based on our satisfaction with the VW. I'd order one immediately if Ford would have a diesel option for the Explorer or Expedition. I could really use an 8 passenger, 4WD/awd, 30ish mpg suv that can tow minimum of 6,000 lbs. 
Mark T 04/06/2014
Explorer Diesel. other contender is Jeep Grand Cherokee which does not have third row seat. Other contender is Mercedes GL350 Bluetech which is more expensive that almost anyone can afford new, and not enough used to choose from. One solid V6 diesel engine across multiple platforms seems like a really good way to go. 20/28 mpg okay if not as powerful acceleration. Minimum towing capacity 3500# for explorer. That should do it.