Sell a quality small wagon! With diesel!!

I'd love to buy an American car, but there are no small wagons available!! I'd love to see Ford selling something like the Jetta wagon I drive now. I want:

High safety rating
Good performance, quality trim, not just entry level.
Small wagon, but not boring!

I need to haul my stuff. SUV's just absolutely won't do it for me. I need to be able to park in small spots, and I don't want to have to climb out of my car like Mt Everest. I'm also really tired of seeing so many small cars being marketed as entry level cars. I'm not looking for a Mercedes, but I don't want a cheap kid's car either.
susan carly 10/11/2010
i am with anybody out there listening....the days of suvs and now the crossovers are almost over....give us a nice, adult, gas-sipping wagon
Chris K 10/08/2010
Fusion wagon, Fusion wagon, heeeeeeeeeeeeey Fusion Wagon!