Self sustained electric car

By Nick H.

My name is Nick Harvey and I am an engineer for the Army. I would like to see Ford become the first to incorporate solar panels into the roofs of your electric cars. So that when you are stationary the vehicle can slowly recharge the batteries through a simple converter box just as your home would use with the same type solar panels. Eventually this is going to happen in tommorow's market. Why not be the first. Your company could single handedly revalutionise the industry and force companies into the next ERA of technolory. With my ideas you can contiue to make those off road vehicles that much cheaper to run with endless power output possibilities. Think about it a vehicle that truly pays for itself in energy.
Thank you
v/r Nicholas Harvey

Alan Camp 08/03/2011
A solar roof panel is already an option on the Prius. The 2013 Fusion/MKZ/Mondeo is supposed to have a panoramic glass roof, which could be a solar roof for the Hybrid version of each car.