self charging e.v.

By Mike B.

i am not an engineer by any means. perhaps you can clarify why this idea wouldn't work. on an electric or hybrid car recharging seems to be the limiting factor on mph. my idea consists basically of utilizing technology used in wind generating stations or more simply, alternators to charge the batteries. if the "alternators" were placed on each rotating axle couldn't the rotation of four axle generators recharge the vehicle? in essence, the vehicle would need initial power but after that as long as the vehicle rolls it's creating power.
G 05/23/2011
Friction is the resisting force you would be dealing with. which would slow down your inertia. You would need to generate enough power to make up for resistance of the generators plus still supply the batteries with charging power to run your electric motor(s). I am not even taking into account other factors that would cancel the generating effects of your idea. But keep thinking, this is how problems are solved.
Ryan Femling 02/01/2011
While using the electric motor to help slow a vehicle will recoup some of the power used in getting it up to speed, you simply cannot escape the laws of physics. Energy cannot be created from nothing.