recharge with solar

By Tim D.

A solar panel - incorporat it into the new Ford Focus electric car. It would help charge the battery when it sits. Your car is driven to work - sometimes and hour commute both ways, and it sits at work in a parking lot for 8 plus hours. Sometimes it sits at home in a driveway. Surely this could help aid the batery charge if not fully charge it. Design the solar panel to look attractive.
Aaron M 08/29/2012
The cost of Solar Panels has dropped or should have dropped considerably. The entire roof could be covered as backup to other charging methods. Some vehicles have already incorporated them into their vehicles.
Isaac J 08/02/2012
I think the most logical area to incorporate solar panels would be in the exterior A, B (where the front and rear doors meet) and C pillars considering that those areas are typically black. However, solar panels are extremely expensive. Also, dont forget that many people also park in parking structures instead of open lots where there is sunlight. If Ford can find an inexpensive way to even minutely incorporate this idea, im all for it.