Raptor with Ecoboost

The Raptor is an incredibly designed vehicle! 10 points SVT! The only issue preventing me from purchasing 2 is the terrible mileage. Does Ford have plans on making a Raptor with an Ecoboost engine. Nothing is worse than getting out in the middle of the wilderness with the 10 MPG and running out of fuel. And attempting to use it as a work truck with that mileage is not feasable. The time has come for a performance vehicle with fuel economy in the design. I am not racing I am having fun while saving fuel!

Dave Palmer
Johnny N 09/01/2012
You, like myself and others, hit on my gripe and request as well. Raptor could become my first truck if Ford came through with this. Plus, Fors has already hinted at it coming and they are preaching consumer options.