Ranger EcoBoost

Bring the RANGER pickup back to the United States and install and eco boost engine in it. Plenty of power yet great gas mileage.
Shawn M 08/09/2013
It's not gonna happen.
John H 06/24/2013
I agree and I think I posted this on Facebook. Ranger ecoboost could be the first 30mpg pickup! (since the 90's S-10's anyways)
Paul W 05/05/2013
Bring back the Ford Ranger with an Ecoboost Please!!!!!
Paul W 05/05/2013
I am a Ford trained senior master technician of 30 plus years and I have owned nothing but Rangers for many years.My latest was an 08 model and unless they come back I'll have to explore other manufacturers
Steven G 04/23/2013
Ford needs to do this! There are so many people out there wanting ecoboost rangers. Myself included!
Richard P 04/17/2013
A great idea. Perhaps using the Flex platform as a starting place?