By Rich C.

Bring out a Ranchero that is EXtended cab, With built in tool boxes (NOT LITTLE ONES )
go above the wheels & full lenth of the bed of the truck, some thing you can get a 6' leavel in, & a Shot gun , REINVENT THE WORK TRUCK sits 3 acroos w/ automatic 2 across W/ manual, great BUCKET SEATS like the 60's Mustang had,with a good ground clearence. Take the Ranger out & replace it with this & IT should be 28 MPG CITY If you are worried about your Ranger loyest,Advetise the heck out of the new ranchero coming out for 2 years & those that want to stock up let them You would be sell -em
Chris Bennett 01/28/2011
Check out the Falcon UTE with Ford of Austrailia - would that work in left hand drive? I wish i could get one in the USA