Power Stroke F150

I think you should offer the F150 with the 3.0 Power Stroke for fleet sales. A lot of these vehicles are used by municipalities and city workers and spend a lot of their time on the side of the road idling. Diesels get great mpg white idling plus the lower emissions would be good for the environment.
Herman C 06/06/2014
I've not heard of any issues towing with the Ecoboost as it makes 420 ft lbs of torque @2500 rpm. Thing pulls 11,500 lbs.
Ed Gunderson 06/03/2014
I agree that Ford should offer a small diesel in the F150 and Expedition. Rumors have it that the F150 Eco-boost has difficulty pulling a boat on a trailer from the water at some boat ramps. In some instances, another car/truck has to assist and pull the entire rigs out of the water. For those who use the Expedition for towing, the higher torque and horsepower at lower rpm will be a welcomed option. Eco-boost may be good for overall fuel economy, but not good for towing.