Plug In Lincoln MKZ

By John M.

Please offer a plug in hybrid version of the Lincoln MKZ. If anyone can afford the technology, luxury customers can, but perhaps less so the mass market. In addition, it would help if you could customize the battery size (and with the new Fusion Energi) similar to the way you can customize battery size with the Tesla Model S.

This obviously mitigates the cost of the expensive technology, while still serving the customers needs and improving the environment. After all, if my commute is 10 miles, why do I need Chevy Volt sized battery most of the time?

Obviously this creates some technology / software programming hurdles, but I would hope the smart guys at Ford could figure this out.
Manny e. 02/28/2014
I have a volt. Love it! I want a luxury plugin hybrid for my wife next car. The Elr is overpriced but I still might look at it. Tesla? Tempting but I have to stop to charge on a 5hr trip. If Mkz comes in plugin for a slight premium, I would definitely buy.
Manny 02/23/2014
I currently own the Lincoln mkz Hybrid and would definatly upgrade to the plug-in, if and when it arrives! My question would be how much more it would cost? The Hybrid costs no more than the gas version but I assume that a plug-in would incur a premium. If you can keep it below 5K you may get interest but I think i would need to me more around 2-3K to make it more feasible/desireable.
Jay S. 02/05/2014
I would also without question purchase the MKZ if it were offered in a plug-in.  More all electric range than the Fusion Energi would be desireable but not a show stopper for me.
Patrick K 11/22/2013
I am interested in getting a plugin for my next vehicle, and I like the styling of the back end of the mkz better than the fusion. Plus, the “moon roof” is sweet! Ford, make it happen. Please do before my Prius battery dies!
Daniel H 11/13/2013
I currently lease a Fusion Energi - only because the MKZ I wanted did not come with a plug-in model.  I will also purchase a plug-in MKZ if it is offered.
His P 10/17/2013
I currently lease a Nissan Leaf and am looking toward an MKZ when my lease is up.My current commute is only 14 miles, and I love the fact that I haven't bought a drop of gasoline since my current lease started.If the MKZ had a plug-in option, there is ~no question~ I would purchase it.  Please consider this feature in the 2014/15 models!