Plug In Hybrid Natural Gas Escape

By Mark C.

Title pretty much says it all. Could be an Escape, or any other model. But I think an ultra efficient/low cost to operate SUV would sell incredibly well. For customers with solar panels on their homes that drive under 75 miles a day. Cost per mile (fuel/electric) could be under $.02 mile (assumes a home fueling appliance for the natural gas @ $1.25/gal gas equivalent and first 40 miles are all electric). I currently pay almost$.15/mile with my For Focus. You could also sell the home fueling appliance. We have A LOT of natural gas in this country and the price is likely to stay very low for a very long time.
Chris Bryant 01/25/2012
For some reason my "thumbs up" vote isn't pulling, but I'm digging this idea! Love it!!