Plug In Escape

By Rj J.

We ordered and recieved the first Hybrid Escape sold at our dealership. Love it to death, especially the all wheel drive during the winter months. Just rolled 60,000 miles and average around 32 mpg summer and 28 winter ( got to have heat). With the technological gains made by Ford since 2005, what is the possibility of getting a Ford manufactured plug in systen for our Escape. With our daily commute of approximately 8 miles, we can't quite make it without the gas engine engaging. Also if this was available the gas engine would NOT have to operate every time the ignition is turned on, i.e. every morning and after work. Make it and make us greener!
Chris Bryant 01/25/2012
I was thinking the same thing! I would love to be able to replace my '11 Hybrid's battery with lithium ion to get more range! I'm no electrician, but I assume it can be done with the replacement of maybe a transformer or something along with the battery... please, Ford!
Ray Palmer 12/12/2011
This a great idea. I own a 200 Escape Hybrid and am about to retire so can't afford a new car. I would love to upgrade my current car to a PHEV. Since Lithium Ion batteries are smaller and lighter I could cram a lot more kWh into a replacement HV battery, and then maybe with some new control software could have a really cool car - especially if it were equipped with new Ford parts rather than aftermarket.
Thomas Artman 05/17/2011
Agreed! I would rather have my 2010 Mariner hybrid upgraded because I'm not going to trade it for a plug-in - too expensive.