Panoramic Solar Roof

Offer a panoramic solar roof as an option for the Focus Electric, C-Max Hybrid/Energi and the new 2013 Fusion/MKZ Hybrid. This can be very beneficial for those living in hot sunny climates most of the year, where the car can be charging while driving or while parked in the sun for hours at a time.
Stan U 01/06/2013
For the added expense, based on today's technology, that size solar panel may put out 100 watts, not enough power to be of significant use in the vehicle much beyond powering the radio. I have 32 panels @ 200 watts each on my roof in Colorado and I need 3 hours of clear sky to generate enough to charge my C-Max Energi for 20 miles.
June Dean 11/13/2011
I don't care about an opening sun roof but like Michael says, this would be a REAL consideration against compitition.
Daniil Shevchuk 09/12/2011
I don't think you want the sunroof open in hot weather in California or in Arizona. But it should be offered as an option.
Michael Bashta 08/07/2011
This could make my choice to pick Ford a lot easier! :)
Leandro Santos 06/28/2011
Roof with static energy !