Open diesel to more vehicles.

It's not news that diesel has long been more efficient than gas. Why not offer more diesel options on more cars, and suvs? The technology has been here with us for decades and there are such improvments on diesel that it's cleaner and more efficient than ever. I would love to buy a focus diesel!
Mike H 10/20/2012
Ford already has the DIESEL EcoBoost version buillt in Ford's Dagenham Diesel Centre for Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Peugeot, and Citroen. The Jag XF Twin Turbo Diesel is used as a police car in the UK. Imagine an EcoBoost Diesel in a Ford Flex Taxi, or the 4-Cyl EcoBoost Diesel in the Ford Escape. The Cleveland Plant building the EcoBoost engines should not be that hard to start converting. Our 2013 Ford Escape struggles to get over 20 mpg in town, while our 2012 Passat SEL TDI never gets less than 34 mpg in town. Now, Diesel Hybrids...the ultimate in mpg, are being sold in Europe. The Mercedes E300 Diesel Hybrid gets OVER 40 mpg. Ford Mgt really should wake up and smell the coffee.
Chris B 10/19/2012
Absolutely - put a V6 diesel perhaps into the Expedition.
Mark R 10/18/2012
The 1.6 litre diesel in the UK Ford Focus gets 83.1 mpg. That's right, eighty-three miles per gallon! It just completely boggles the mind that this is not offered as standard on the US.
Christina W 10/17/2012
diesel would be great it is the future.But big oil owns the big three and it will never happen
John E 10/16/2012
Diesel Ranger!
Doug C 10/12/2012
Michael, I totally agree with you. I have a diesel F-350 and love it, I even get decent milage with my 7.4 li. I rented a Fiesta in Rome a couple years ago and drove everywhere for practically nothing. It was a diesel and got an estimated 65 mpg.
David W 10/11/2012
We need a clean diesel F150! I'd trade my '04 in quickly for that!
Michael M 10/03/2012
+1 for diesel SUVs