On-Board Charger

Why not put the Electric Focus charger in the car? Then when it looks like I need a charge away from home, I can get it at any electrical outlet at work, friend's house, willing gas station, etc. Make it 120V/240V connectable; designed for 240V but useable (at a longer run time, of course), with 120V. Not many people are going to get more than one electric car. For fleets, make a delete.
People (me) might like the idea of amortizing the cost of the charger with the car payments. Maybe make it easily removable so we have a choice of on-board or not.
Ryan Femling 02/01/2011
You may be asking the friend or employer, or you may be opening up a market for recharding stations. If you're in a city, you have to pay for parking most of the time anyway. If people feel like they're getting something back, they may be willing to pay more. GOOD IDEA!
JR Spindler 01/23/2011
but then you are asking for the friend or employer or whoever to pay for the electricity you use (free energy for you if you can convince them to do it)